Strivings Of The Soul

“Literature, music and art are the first and most sensitive spheres in which this spiritual revolution makes itself felt. They reflect the dark picture of the present time and show the importance of what at first was only a little point of light noticed by few and for the great majority non-existent. Perhaps they even grow dark in their turn, but on the other hand they turn away from the soulless life of the present towards those substances and ideas which give free scope to the non-material strivings of the soul.”

In: “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, Wassily Kandinsky


Composition IX

Composition IX

Wassily Kandinsky, Composition IX

The Voice of Silence

Nikolay Rainov, Landscape

Nikolay Rainov, Landscape

Before the soul can see,
the harmony within must be attained,
and fleshly eyes be rendered blind
to all illusion.

Before the soul can hear,
the image (Man)
has to become as deaf
to roarings as to whispers,
to cries of bellowing elephants
as to the silvery buzzing
of the golden fire-fly.

Before the soul can comprehend
and may remember,
she must unto the silent speaker
be united,
just as the form
to which the clay is modelled
is first united
with the potter’s mind.

For then the soul will hear,
and will remember.
And then to the inner ear will speak
the voice of silence.

Helena Blavatsky


“We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers. Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong.”
Carl Sagan

Pearl, Vladimir Kush

Pearl, Vladimir Kush







Many of us experience a wide variety of uncomfortable states, feelings and thought patterns. We may feel depressed or lost, easily angered or in constant fear. Life may seem confusing and antagonistic, not as it should be or not meeting our needs. We may seem dependent on the attention and approval of others and often perceive ourselves as not good enough, always striving to do or be more.

These states are common and wide spread, yet not often acknowledged or spoken about. Often we need to address the wall that is in front of us, not what we think is on the other side. These burdens we each carry can be dropped, slowly and gradually over time, so that we no longer need to struggle under their weight.

The universe or truth is an undividable whole that is all-encompassing and indefinable. Thus everything fits in and nothing can be separate or apart, even the perspective that something is separate or apart. This is beyond the capacity of the mind to fully capture or describe because words create boundaries where none ultimately exist. Since words and thus the mind are limited, there can be no absolute authority on truth; no person, belief, approach or pathway that is more right or wrong. Knowing this allows us to drop more fully into our own experience and discover the truth for ourselves.

Silent Roses by Your Side

Eros and Psyche: The Sacred Union

The wedding of Psyche, Edward Burne-Jones, 1895

The wedding of Psyche, Edward Burne-Jones, 1895






Only few are invited to the modest wedding ceremony of Psyche.
This masterpiece represents part of the myth of the Greek goddess Psyche in the context of a woman’s search for authentic personal growth. The ancient legend is just a reminder that the integration of our experiences, however sad or frightening they may be, matures and transforms us, like the symbol of the butterfly emerging into the light from its dark cocoon.

Eros and Psyche
Living her ordinary life, Psyche became famous because of her beauty that the whole world rushed to see.
Being jealous due to men’s admiration for Psyche, Goddess Aphrodite asked her son, the powerful master of love, Eros, to poison men’s souls in order to kill off their desire for Psyche. But Eros also fell in love with Psyche, completely mesmerized by her beauty.
Despite all the men coming her way, Psyche stayed unmarried, for she wanted to marry the man she would love. Her parents became so desperate because of their daughter’s destiny and had no choice but to ask for an oracle, hoping that they would manage to solve the mystery and give a husband to their daughter.
Eros guided Apollo to give the oracle that Psyche would marry an ugly beast whose face she would never be able to see, and he would wait for her at the top of the mountain.
It was not what Psyche’s parents were hoping for; on the contrary, they were completely devastated, as their daughter was not supposed to have such as fate, but they decided to go on and arranged the wedding of their beloved daughter.
After the wedding, Psyche was able to be with her husband only at night. His tenderness and the enormous love he showed to her made Psyche happy and fulfilled beyond her expectations and dreams. She talked about her happiness with her sisters and confined in them how sad she was she couldn’t see his face.
… … …

September. Your Harvest Time


The Soul is basically Light traveling at High speed in all directions. Think of the Soul as being fluidic and radiatory in nature.

The Soul is Energy with Consciousness. Do not think of the Soul as a being only in one place at a time. The Soul is everywhere! Like a Light, it can be here and there at the same time.

Integrity or wholeness is based on connectedness with the Higher Soul. The word “whole” means to be complete. A strong Soul Connection regulates your mind and your emotions. It is both yang and yin.

The Soul will harvest the consequences of its “actions”, both positive and negative.

“Beyond the Mind”, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

“The illusion is a learning vechile. It is of the personality. You will leave the illusion behind when you die, when you return home. Yet a personality that lives in Love and Light, that sees through the eyes of its soul, metaphorically speaking, can see the illusion and simultaneously not be drawn into it. This is an authentically empowered personality.”

Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul

You are only as powerful as that for which you stand.