The Art of Presenting: B.U.

We can not teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.

Galileo Galilei


There are many strategies to deliver your concept successfully, but the most powerful presentation tool is YOU.
Brilliant YOU!

At first, you can play with the expectations: shatter them! Surprise the audience with unexpected point of view, a funny quote or even breathing exercises. Promise them a real experience – “here and now”!

Next step is more difficult. Once the contact is established, you are giving power to your presence step by step. You are “signing the contract” with the listeners in that moment. At this stage of the game, focus the attention on the outcome, the benefits and the gifts. They may vary, but you should become specific.

Number three! Move their mind from ‘What Is’ to ‘What Could Be’ and back. Inspire the audience to visualize the future in more detail. You are not presenting, you are pitching! Let them reinvent some of already adopted concepts.
Where we are now…
Where we could be…
Use this momentum and bring them back.

Step Four: Remind the audience how it all started. Take people to the beginning – that special moment when the journey began. Now, they have the solution and new insights, perfectly matching their needs and desirable outcomes.

It was not a presentation, it was your One-Man Show!


Brilliant YOU!