Happiness, Joy & Bliss

In happiness, it is the physical and emotional elementals that feel complete. When a person’s consciousness enters the analytical mind, he loses the sense of a feeling of completeness because he begins to see how much there is yet to satisfy his urges, drives, and desires. He then loses a part of his happiness.

Joy begins when a person’s consciousness penetrates into the higher mind. The higher mind sees things in holistic concepts and gradually impresses the physical and astral bodies with the feeling of completeness — because every bit, every experience of happiness, every want or desire already exists within them. They can enjoy all the happiness of the world by eating one apple, or all the happiness of joy of sex and friendship with one partner. Thus, the higher mind not only restores happiness to the lower bodies but also makes a person realize joy.

The state of bliss develops slowly when the consciousness makes a breakthrough into the Intuitional Plane, where feelings of completeness begin in all-inclusiveness. The flow of bliss continually feeds a person’s joy and happiness, supplying him with psychic energy.

Torkom Sarayadarian, In: “Happiness, Joy & Bliss”

Gustav Klimt, Golden Tears

Gustav Klimt, Golden Tears