“We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers. Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong.”
Carl Sagan

Pearl, Vladimir Kush

Pearl, Vladimir Kush







Many of us experience a wide variety of uncomfortable states, feelings and thought patterns. We may feel depressed or lost, easily angered or in constant fear. Life may seem confusing and antagonistic, not as it should be or not meeting our needs. We may seem dependent on the attention and approval of others and often perceive ourselves as not good enough, always striving to do or be more.

These states are common and wide spread, yet not often acknowledged or spoken about. Often we need to address the wall that is in front of us, not what we think is on the other side. These burdens we each carry can be dropped, slowly and gradually over time, so that we no longer need to struggle under their weight.

The universe or truth is an undividable whole that is all-encompassing and indefinable. Thus everything fits in and nothing can be separate or apart, even the perspective that something is separate or apart. This is beyond the capacity of the mind to fully capture or describe because words create boundaries where none ultimately exist. Since words and thus the mind are limited, there can be no absolute authority on truth; no person, belief, approach or pathway that is more right or wrong. Knowing this allows us to drop more fully into our own experience and discover the truth for ourselves.