The Narrow Gate

“Enter through the Narrow Gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it.”
Matthew 7:13

John Wllliam Waterhouse, Boreas, 1903

John Wllliam Waterhouse, Boreas, 1903

Under Pluto the specific initiatory tests will call in the Will Aspect of the soul and so enable the disciple to demonstrate that the usual conditions of the environment and the material world are no longer controlling factors. Purity of life expression is achieved by sheer force of character and an unfaltering step through the strait gate and along the narrow Path. The tests of Pluto place an extraordinary strain on his or her heroic powers of endurance and tremendous stamina, calling into expression all their special gifts.

The initiate under Pluto has already demonstrated mastery of the first steps towards comprehension of that “isolated unity”, which is distinctive of a Master of Wisdom. Initiation is taken alone, and so they travel alone — spiritually and mentally. The initiate stands alone because there is no-one else with the same quality or grade of spiritual perception. The spiritual life is full of paradoxes: We set out to develop a sense of unity and of oneness with all beings, yet at times we must learn the lessons of loneliness and of isolation. A great “aloneness” is the supreme test of the Fourth Initiation. It is in the last analysis, a question of recognition.

The Plutonian initiate does not fear loneliness. They know soul that cannot stand alone has naught to give. Life is a series of revelations, some of which we recognize in consciousness while others pass by unnoticed. The occult solitariness they have consciously developed rests on soul attainment and upon no spirit of separateness. They have many friends but few, if any, are admitted to the point of sacred peace. Their solitariness shuts none out, yet withholds the secrets of the Ashram from those who would prematurely seek to penetrate them.

The revelation of a certain type of spiritual loneliness is one through which all initiates have to pass; it is a test of that occult detachment which every initiate has to master. The Scorpio initiate’s solitariness has produced two realizations: firstly, a realization of their exact point on the Path of evolution; secondly, an intuitive perception of the point in evolution of those they have contact along the way.

The Pluto initiate has no false humility and is noted for clear assessment and recognition of status — a recognition that necessarily requires intelligence and contains no note of pride. They truly do see co-workers as they really are, with all their virtues and their faults, their pettiness and their grandeurs, and without the fear of a critical spirit because they have become adept at the true practice of loving understanding.

Stephen Pugh, “Pluto”, (The Astrological key to the Secret Doctrine)

The Present Problem Of The Man

The Sun sign. This sign indicates the present problem of the man; it sets the pace or the established tempo of his personality life; it is related to quality, temperament and the life tendencies which are seeking expression during this particular incarnation, and it is suggestive of the rajasic or the activity aspect of the innate man. Fundamentally, the forces here found are indicative of the line of least resistance.

That the Sun sign, as it is called, indicates the nature of the man, physical, mental and spiritual. It holds the secret of the personality ray and of the man’s responsiveness or lack of responsiveness to the Soul, the real man. It indicates also the integration already achieved and the present point of unfoldment of the soul qualities, of the present available equipment, of the present life quality and of the immediately possible group relations. It indicates, from the angle of the Ageless Wisdom, nothing more. This is a reversal of the usual astrological position. The reason that I proffer this is that humanity is enough evolved so that the astrology of the soul will become possible before long; it constitutes—from many points of view—a reversal of normal procedure. This is both wise and necessary, and also inevitable. Astrologers will eventually be divided into two classes: the exoteric astrologers who will be occupied with the horoscope of the personality, and the esoteric astrologers who will be occupied with the purposes of the soul.

Systematis Copernicani Astrological Chart, c.1543, devised by Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) from "The Celestial Atlas"

Systematis Copernicani Astrological Chart, c.1543, devised by Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) from “The Celestial Atlas”

Our Intrinsic Duality


John Singer Sargent, Detail Of Astarte, 1890-1895

The energies of the twelve constellations are blended with those of the twelve planets, but their power to evoke response, and to be consciously received, recognized and employed, is dependent entirely upon the type of response mechanism of the planetary Life and of the individual man. It has been rightly said that consciousness is dependent upon the vehicles of consciousness, upon their point of development and upon the ability of the individual to identify himself with the energies and impulses which are reaching him, and is not dependent only upon that which is already a recognized part or aspect of himself. It might be said that the higher response to the realities and qualities revealed and made possible by the impact of energy from the zodiacal signs is somewhat dependent upon the waning influence of the planets to hold down the consciousness aspect of the man. Ponder upon this, for it embodies a deep esoteric truth.

Thus, two potent streams of energy – cosmic and systemic – reach man via the conditioning planetary centers of force (the seven planetary schemes in the solar system and their corresponding seven centers in the planet on which we live) and pour into the symbolic “twelve houses” through their medium. It is for this reason that our solar system is spoken of as one of “intrinsic duality” (love-wisdom) and that the major task of man is the “regulation of the pairs of opposites.” The theme of duality, therefore, runs through the whole story of man’s development. Upon all the three planes (physical, astral and mental) of human unfoldment the reconciliation goes forward.

Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, p. 34

Multiple Worlds. Multiple Futures

The individual etheric body is not an isolated and separated human vehicle but is, in a peculiar sense, an integral part of the etheric body of that entity which we have called the human family; this kingdom in nature, through its etheric body, is an integral part of the planetary etheric body; the planetary etheric body is not separated off from the etheric bodies of other planets but all of them in their totality, along with the etheric body of the sun constitute the etheric body of the solar system. This is related to the etheric bodies of the six solar systems which, with ours, form a cosmic unity and into these pour energies and forces from certain great constellations. The field of space is etheric in nature and its vital body is composed of the totality of etheric bodies of all constellations, solar systems and planets which are found therein. Throughout this cosmic golden web there is a constant circulation of energies and forces and this constitutes the scientific basis of the astrological theories. Just as the forces of the planet and of the inner spiritual man (to mention only one factor among many) pour through the etheric body of the individual man upon the physical plane, and condition his outer expression, activities, and qualities, so do the varying forces of the universe pour through every part of the etheric body of that entity we call space and condition and determine the outer expression, the activities and qualities of every form found within the cosmic periphery.


Illuminated illustration of the Ptolemaic geocentric conception of the Universe. The outermost text reads "The heavenly empire, dwelling of God and all the selected"

Illuminated illustration of the Ptolemaic geocentric conception of the Universe. The outermost text reads “The heavenly empire, dwelling of God and all the selected”

Consciously And Livingly Aware

Felix Mas, Barcelona

It should be noted here, however, that all the energies – zodiacal, systemic, and planetary – have a definite effect upon all the lives in all forms in all kingdoms of nature. Nothing can escape these radiatory and magnetic influences. The goal of evolution for humanity is to become consciously and livingly aware of the nature of these energies and begin to know them and to use them. This is the field of occultism as the Hierarchy has always told men. It might be stated that the disciple has to become consciously aware of the planetary influences and begin to use them for the carrying out of soul purpose. The initiate has to be aware of the zodiacal influences which emanate from outside of the solar system altogether. These can be recognized as:
a. A vibration, registered in one or other of the seven centers.
b. A revelation of a particular type of light, conveying a specific color to the initiate.
c. A peculiar note.
d. A directional sound. …

Disciples and initiates can begin consciously to respond to all the above influences, handling them constructively, plus those potent yet infinitely subtle forces which pour into our solar system from the three major constellations – the Great Bear, the Pleiades, and Sirius. In the early stages, the response is in the subtler bodies and the brain fails to register them, but after the third initiation, there is a recognition of them upon the physical plane.

Alice Bailey and D.K., Esoteric Astrology