Edward Arthur Fellowes-Prynne, The Annunciation, 1895

Edward Arthur Fellowes-Prynne, The Annunciation, 1895

When the guru and disciple are linked, then the gurus’ power automatically flows to the disciple. This is shaktipat – the transmission of high frequency waves from guru to disciple. When the guru transmits a little of his own shakti to the disciple’s mooladhara, kundalini feels a pull. But that pull is not an actual awakening. Kundalini gets a little scratch and it frowns. That frowning is the experience of shaktipat. The body trembles as sushumna becomes activated.

This experience of shaktipat can take place at any distance whether in the presence of guru or from afar. Distance is not a barrier. Distance relates to time and space; it does not relate to the transcendental state. Time and space are created by the mind. But if there is no mind, there can be no time and no space. It is something like Einstein’s theory of relativity. So the transmission of guru’s energy is not dependent on time and space. However, it is necessary that the guru and disciple are linked, that the guru’s power automatically goes to the disciple.

The type of aspirant who receives shaktipat most easily is the one who is innocent and childlike. Such disciples who accept the gum completely are like copper wires. Copper wire is more efficient than zinc. Likewise, the guru and disciple must have the copper link. It requires a lot of faith, love, surrender and childlike simplicity, but the result is wondrous.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Recorded during a satsang in London on 6.4.82