Creative Thinking

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Olga Suvorova, Russian painter

A woman of unusual opposites, Lois Lucille Stickle Johnson Cedercrans Schaible (born in Canada on April 4th, 1921) was wise and knowledgeable beyond any traditional education. She brought a new form of the wisdom of the ages into this world. In striking contrast to the conservatism of her Depression-era, rural upbringing and early adulthood, her methods and training for awakening spiritual growth in herself and others were more esoteric and incredible than expected in that time.

Although she had six children, Lucille travelled extensively, developing and moving from one group centre to another in response to an inner call. She would throw her things in suitcases and rush off. Because of this unpredictability of the work, many of her personal records were lost or scattered. This mobility and constant movement was by design – Lucille’s intent was not to form an organisation or institute but to find and train people who can embody the work by practice and whose only authority was the soul.

Most people know Lucille Cedercrans Schaible as the author of meditation resources such as The Nature of the Soul, The Soul and Its Instrument, or Corrective/Creative Thinking. Developed from 1948 to 1963, her work is called the New Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom (NTFPW). In the early 1970s, she began to shift her focus to Tibetan Buddhism, which she was authorized to teach until her death in 1984. We may describe her method of teaching as ‘learning through application’ – one that is inspired by her Seventh Ray personality.

We divide the work of Lucille into 3 categories:

1.Training materials in the form of lessons and projections

2.Establishment of groups trained in utilizing these materials

3.Beginning of the manifestation of the Synthetic Ashram

During her life, Lucille Cedercrans has opened the gateway to wisdom for hundreds of followers from Spokane, Washington to Washington DC in North America, as well as in many countries in Europe, South America and Australia.

Creative Thinking is a course in cleansing or purifying the persona, in aspiration to the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul. If actively practiced, it would prepare the persona (mind, emotions, and body), to become a vehicle for serving the One Life.

When the vehicle is prepared, the Spiritual Soul can be called into it. As the work of Creative Thinking proceeds, the practice of The Nature of The Soul begins. The incarnate soul aspires to and atones with the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul. The two, individual identity and group realization, become one, and the life and affairs becomes an embodiment of the Soul.

Creative Thinking first incarnated in 1957, as a series of dittoed lessons titled “Corrective Thinking” or C.T. The present edition of the text has been renamed “Creative Thinking”. This alternative title was suggested by the author, and the editors feel that it accurately represents the content, and helps make the work more accessible to modern seekers. This course is a faithful reproduction of the original printed edition.


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Олга Суворова.jpg

Olga Suvorova, Russian painter

Whatsoever degree of right motivation you possess, and whatsoever truth or truths you have actually embodied, to that degree you are a Conscious Soul Incarnate. The evolving Soul consciousness within the more or less integrated persona has two basic needs which, when fulfilled, aid its evolution and stabilize the expression of its present point of development. These are:
1. The need for creativity.
2. The need to serve humanity.

The Spiritual Soul is essentially creative. As it comes into incarnation, it needs to enter into creative activity in order to further its own Spiritual growth, just as the young child needs to enter into physical activity in order to further its physical growth. Because the Spiritual Soul is naturally identified with the One Life, it evolves more quickly and easily as it serves that aspect of the One Life into which it is focused. It needs, as a human being needs food and drink, to serve humanity. These two needs can be integrated into one and fulfilled by one activity, namely creative service, which is actually the path of Discipleship.

We define creativity as that activity which produces an adequate vehicle of Truth, or purity of expression. Regardless of the type of vehicle produced, whether it be a book, a painting, a symphony, an electrical machine, a home, or a word, if it adequately conveys a Truth, it is pure in its expression, and thus, it is a creative masterpiece.

Lucille Cedercrans, Creative Thinking, Lesson 40

Dear Reader


pleiades Constellation

При онлайн консултирането хората преодоляват лесно вътрешните бариери да търсят помощ и са много по-склонни към споделяне. Паралелно с това, самият акт на писане (особено чрез наративната психотерапия) има лечебен ефект. По този начин, човек може по-ясно да оцени дадена ситуация или проблем – на първо място пред самия себе си, а след това да представи случая си пред психотерапевта или друг човек. Онлайн връзката е гъвкава и дискретна, а комуникацията между двете страни – удобна и предразполагаща, в обстановка избрана съобразно възможностите и предпочитанията.

В какви случаи може да потърсите моята професионална помощ?

  • Емоционални неразположения и/или вегетативна симптоматика
  • Преодоляване на тревожни, страхови и депресивни състояния
  • Проблеми в общуването или партньорските взаимоотношения
  • Справяне с възникнали житейски кризи – загуба на близък човек, болестни състояния, развод и раздяла
  • Трудности в адаптацията при важни житейски или професионални промени
  • Хроничен стрес и бърнаут.


Как можем да работим заедно?

  1. „Познай себе си!

Научете повече за себе си и пътя на душата си, вижте особеностите на своя психологически профил, оценете талантите и перспективите пред себе си, насочете потенциала си в правилна посока!

Възможно е просто да имате желание да поговорите с някого, споделяйки свои колебания, временни затруднения или въпроси. Консултацията може да бъде както по имейл, така и с предварително уговорени онлайн срещи с мен. Използвайте връзката : и аз ще ви водя стъпка по стъпка.

  1. Онлайн сесии по имейл или скайп

Този тип консултиране е подходящо при потребност от подкрепа и съветване, преподаване на по-лесни техники, даване на обратна връзка и анализ на ситуация, съветване при възникнали кризисни обстоятелства и др.

Отново е необходимо да изпратите имейл, за да фиксираме време за сесията. За целта можете да опишете кратко ситуацията си на и аз ще ви изпратя обратен имейл с инструкции.