The Healing Process

The healing process is about drastically expanding our perception of the universe from our usual selfish, ego-centered and narrow-minded standpoints. Our perception may change forever if we get even one glimpse of that underlying, all pervading reality and discover that happiness is already here in abundance.

That source has always been beyond measurements and any scientific experiments, however sophisticated one. When Love is associated with Spirit, it has nothing to do with relationships with others, because Love sees no ‘others’. Love sees the whole world as ‘myself’.

Loving oneself is not selfish because love can never be a possession. True love can only be received and given freely. When we love our self, this love simply radiates out through our being. Whatever we do, will be permeated with love; whoever we meet, will feel and be touched by this love. Love is the fragrance of oneness and wholeness. Love is the only thing that can heal. The biggest enemy of love is not hate, its opposite, but fear. Fear resides in the unconscious and our animal nature. Only love can illumine the darkest corners of our soul with joy.

Wright Barker, Circe, 1889

Wright Barker, Circe, 1889

Circe is a goddess of magic, described in Homer’s Odyssey as “The loveliest of all immortals” who lived on the island of Aeaea. Circe, a figure from Greek mythology whose father was Helios and her mother – an ocean nymph is best known for her vast knowledge of drugs & herbs.

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