Recently, a new NATO Committee of Wise Men was settled in Brussels, NATO headquarter. The Former Committee of 12 experts, under the the guidance of its Chairwoman Madeleine Albright, US State Secretary (1997-2001), outlined the new Alliance Military Doctrine until 2020.


“Three Wise Men”

“Three Wise Men”

The “Committee of Three” or the “Three Wise Men”, was convened in 1956 and instructed to “advise the Council on ways and means to improve and extend NATO cooperation in non-military fields and to develop greater unity within the Atlantic Community”. ( The “Three Wise Men” were Lester B. Pearson, Foreign Minister of Canada, Gaetano Martino, Foreign Minister of Italy, and Halvard Lange, Foreign Minister of Norway. ( Their Report is available at: and

The Three Wise Men underlined several areas of research and consultations, incl. the cultural cooperation between member countries: “A sense of community must bind the people as well as the institutions of the Atlantic nations. This will exist only to the extent that there is a realization of their common cultural heritage and of the values of their free way of life and thought.” To put this in practice, they proposed straight-forward initiatives such as preparing NATO courses and seminars for teachers; broadening support to other educational initiatives such as NATO fellowships; the use of NATO information materials in schools; and promoting closer relations between NATO and youth organizations; and financing cultural projects, with a common benefit.

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