Nada Yoga

The word Nada comes from the Sanskrit root – Nad. “Nad” means to flow. The etymological meaning of Nada is a process or a stream of consciousness. Generally, the word Nada means sound.

The Upanishads and the Vedas describe that in the beginning was nothing. There was absolutely nothing, there was non-existence in the universe – there was only sound. The sound was unending; the sound was the only existing reality. From that sound, the universe evolved, and therefore the fundamental structure of the universe is based on Nada or sound vibrations.

Music is a result of Nada. Mantra in its purest form is a manifestation of Nada. The movement of Energy (Prana) in the body is an expression of Nada. Music can be a pleasant, interesting and inspiring spiritual practice in itself – but it can also be a part of Nada Yoga. Through music, the mind can be tuned to the finest vibrations and thereby be prepared for the transcendent Nada.

Orpheus and Euridice, Louis Ducis

Orpheus and Euridice, Louis Ducis


“Nada is found within.
It is a music without strings which plays in the body.
It penetrates the inner and the outer
and leads you away from illusion.”


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