The Principle Of Resonance

“When people of similar frequencies come together, output is not a simple sum of individual work, but exponential. In science, we term this phenomenon as resonance. Output at this stage is beyond any logical limit.”
Ravindra Shukla, A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life
Harry George Theaker, A Song of Love

Harry George Theaker, A Song of Love


The term, spiritual resonance, is not common to psychology and is absent in the literature related to psychological research. The term resonance is used in the natural sciences of physics, biology, and neuroscience and is referred to in psychology with a variety of names such as sympathetic resonance, emotional resonance, embodied resonance, and emotional attunement.

There is an analogy that when a cello string is played on one side of the room, the same string of a cello on the opposite side of the room will begin to vibrate, producing a sound in resonance with the original string. As one strikes a musical note from a distance, the vibration travels. The resonance communicates and connects directly and immediately without intermediaries except for air and space. This is the principle of the resonance.


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