Love, Beauty and Action

Nicholas Roerich, Scarlet Sails

Nicholas Roerich, Scarlet Sails

“Art will unify all humanity. Art is one – indivisible. Art has its many branches, yet all are one. Art is the manifestation of the coming synthesis, Art is for all. Everyone will enjoy true art. The Gates of the ‘Sacred Source’ must be wide open for everybody, and the light of art will influence numerous hearts with a new love. At first this feeling will be unconscious, but after all it will purify human consciousness. How many young hearts are searching for something real and beautiful! So, give it to them. Bring art to the people – where it belongs. We should have not only museums, theatres, universities, public libraries, railway stations, and hospitals, but even prisons decorated and beautified. Then we shall have no more prisons.

The values of great art are victoriously traversing all storms of earthly commotions. Even the ‘earthly’ people already understand the vital importance of active beauty. And when we proclaim: Love, Beauty, and Action, we know verily that we pronounce the formula of the international language. And this formula, which now belongs to the museum and stage, must enter everyday life. The sign of beauty will open all sacred gates. Beneath the sign of beauty we walk joyfully. With beauty we conquer, through beauty we pray, in beauty we are united. And now we pronounce these words – not on the snowy heights, but amidst the turmoil of the city. And realising the path of true reality, we greet with a happy smile the future.”

Nicholas Roerich

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