Mirror, mirror…

“I didn’t know my life was a reflection of me.”



Developing the Seer
Few people understand the power of the mind. You can create anything by the mind, good or bad. It is a force, an energy. All our sufferings are due to the mind.

In physics, the scientists have clearly stated that both matter and energy are creations of the mind. Time and space are both spanned by the mind. The time/space/object continuum is created by the mind, just as we make a candle out of wax. The wax is the candle and when it melts, there is no candle. In the same way, the mind is extending itself.

You must realise that the mind is a creative force. A thought is an expression of creation and you don’t know it. You think a thought and something happens somewhere. Therefore, man’s unhappiness, physical illness, intellectual limitations, emotional breakdowns and lack of many other faculties in his life, can all be attributed to incorrect handling of the mind. In order to handle the mind, we must first develop the faculty of seer. Unless we do this, we can never manage the mind.

Man has been following a mirage, a world of delusion. He should realise the world within, the happiness which is non-material, does not depend on the object. There is a greater happiness which is homogeneous and absolute, and that is the Self, beyond the mind. …

According to Swami Satyananda Saraswati


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