The Fundamental Question of Our Identity

 “Our job is to be an awake people…utterly conscious, to attend to our world.” Louis Owens, Native American

We must recognize that the society of the future is going to be shaped more by talented individuals than by capital. The “talentism” is replacing the capitalism. We all bear global responsibility and thus need a global identity to enable us to cope with the multicultural and environmental challenges. What characterizes really talented people is more than their outstanding professionalism. Through training and experience, they have learned to foster within themselves all the various identities that are necessary today. These types of people are adept at rapidly assimilating into new environments.

Abraham Maslow On Integrity, Spiritual Growth and Self-Actualization
Characteristics of the Self-Actualized Person:
Resistance to enculturation

Artist: Jose De la Barra

Artist: Jose De la Barra

In spite of the ability to see beyond the confines of culture and era, the Self-actualized individual is resistant to enculturation. These people live according to their own standards and do not accept the rules of others. According to Maslow they are less flattened out, less molded.

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