The Dance of Life

Your InnerHero. On Carol Pearson Archetypes                                                                                                                                                             Archetype III: The Warrior

It is possible to tap into the ‘intense aliveness’ and force of this archetype without becoming a mindless aggressor. Perhaps because of its negative image, many will have avoided taking on aspects of the Warrior. Without it though, we are weakened. The Orphan or the Innocent may fear the Warrior archetype and the changes it may wreak in them, but sometimes it becomes clear that we have to take a stand, and in these situations only the Warrior will do. By embracing it, we don’t become a monster, but in fact open up to ‘the dance of life’.

The Warrior of today is less in competition with enemies than they are with themselves, aiming to vanquish personal limitations and achieve excellence. Instead of advantage over others, the new Warrior seeks better and more creative solutions.

‘Each time we use the warrior well, we are not so much fighting battles as awakening the King.’
Robert Bly




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