Blue Spot Peacock

Blue Spot Peacock

While the blue pearl may be metaphoric in nature, it is best represented by the pineal gland, a pea size organ located in the center of the brain. And…while physiologists know that the pineal gland is responsible for creating melatonin, there is much left unexplained of its nature. Rene Descartes attributed the pineal gland as the place where the soul resides within us.

In the words of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui: “Meditation on the Soul is very powerful. The essence of this spiritual practice is to concentrate and be aware of the “seed of consciousness” or the “blue pearl” at the center of the head. It is found when one masters the art of meditation.”

The blue pearl, of course, is a metaphor for purity of thought, intuition and divine insight. The search for the blue pearl, the rarest of all pearls, is a unique inside job.

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