Being Reality Focused

Part of life in a free society is accepting that others have different opinions and ideas, even ones that are not nice or happy or positive. However, observers and analysts come to the conclusion that most people cannot handle reality, and prefer to live in a world of artificial happiness where all is nice. The world is not a super happy place, but by being real, you can create real happiness when identifying things that need to be improved and then improving them.

Being positive requires honesty and seeing both the good and bad. Fakeness is the exact opposite of being real, so why would anyone want that? You cannot communicate with someone if they’re not real. It’s like trying to have a real conversation with an actor in a play. What is needed is an unconventional culture that fosters the honest communication and diversity in our personal relations.

And there’s a new shift occurring in how we conduct our business and daily lives. This new paradigm requires fresh insights and creativity to navigate these uncharted waters. We are here for a reason: to be of service—to give and receive—and to truly thrive!

So be who you are destined to be, share the message you were meant to share, and make the difference you are here to make by following your heart, your intuition and InnerWisdom.

Pegasus and Bellerophontes, Greek Mythology

Pegasus and Bellerophontes, Greek Mythology










“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” Les Brown

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