In Loving Memory of Morgan Scott Peck, American Psychiatrist and Writer


The essence of the true power lies within.

It comes when you KNOW exactly HOW. When you are AWARE. And have the COURAGE to take decisions. Move on WISELY. Sometimes this could be the most difficult task – to take the next step.

When you are strong, you experience the sweetest bliss. Feeling modest and HAPPY at the same time. It’s a rare state of mind. Refined and intimate emotion. It’s your silent shining smile in the middle of the ocean. When you realize that ALL is ONE.

The real strength comes also from the SOLITUDE – sometimes unbearable. But you are not a lonely person.There are good fellows beside you. Well, usually located faraway. Very few of them could grasp the depth of your attitude. And find its complexity and ambivalence.

The power within…

Inspired by “The Road Less Traveled”

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