Carl Gustav Jung

Carl Gustav Jung

Jung recalled his first reflections on the idea of synchronicity back in time to the influence of Albert Einstein, who held a professorship in Zurich in 1910-1913. Jung wrote: “Professor Einstein was my guest on several occasions… These were very early days when Einstein was developing his first theory of relativity, and it was he who first started me off thinking about a possible relativity of time as well space, and their psychic conditionality. More than thirty years later, this stimulus led to my relation with the physicist Professor W. Pauli and to my thesis of psychic synchronicity.”

According to Jung, we should have to assume that events in general are related to one another on the one hand as causal chains, and on the other hand by a kind of meaningful cross-connection.

It’s never late to open our senses and “see” the interconnectedness of the world in its full beauty. And there is a special moment in our life when all this starts. What a journey…


Revealing Synchronicity

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